ATEX LED LINE: Product Details

InpratEx has developed an innovative range of LED hazardous area lighting products designed to meet the future of low energy, high efficiency and environmental lighting demands of the marine, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.


ATEX LED LINE luminary series has been designed to operate in zones with risk of explosion, category 3, material group II, to be used at zones 2 and 22, according to the 2014/34/EU directive. The luminary covering is made with aluminium whereas the diffuser is made with epoxy injected resin.


On the other hand, the irreplaceable cable allows ATEX LED LINE luminary series to have an IP66/68.




Industrial LED light fitting, suitable for operation in hazardous areas.

High degree of protection IP66/68.

Aluminum enclosure with mounting slots.

Epoxy resin diffuser.

Color temperature 4000K.

Cable not replaceable, cable options 5 and 10 m.

Other measures on request.

Can be used: Zone 2 and 22.

ATEX LED LINE Product Detail




Description: Length A: Cable length: Power: Luminous flux: Article no.:
ATEX LED LINE 205 200 mm 5 m 1 W 77 lm 1A4801
ATEX LED LINE 210 200 mm 10 m 1 W 77 lm 1A4802
ATEX LED LINE 305 300 mm 5 m 2 W 152 lm 1A4803
ATEX LED LINE 310 300 mm 10 m 2 W 152 lm 1A4804
ATEX LED LINE 405 400 mm 5 m 3 W 220 lm 1A4805
ATEX LED LINE 410 400 mm 10 m 3 W 220 lm 1A4806
ATEX LED LINE 505 500 mm 5 m 4 W 311 lm 1A4807
ATEX LED LINE 510 500 mm 10 m 4 W 311 lm 1A4808
ATEX LED LINE 605 600 mm 5 m 5 W 385 lm 1A4809
ATEX LED LINE 610 600 mm 10 m 5 W 385 lm 1A4810
ATEX LED LINE 705 700 mm 5 m 6 W 458 lm 1A4811
ATEX LED LINE 710 700 mm 10 m 6 W 458 lm 1A4812
ATEX LED LINE 805 800 mm 5 m 7 W 523 lm 1A4813
ATEX LED LINE 810 800 mm 10 m 7 W 523 lm 1A4814
ATEX LED LINE 905 900 mm 5 m 8 W 623 lm 1A4815
ATEX LED LINE 910 900 mm 10 m 8 W 623 lm 1A4816
ATEX LED LINE 1005 1000 mm 5 m 9 W 675 lm 1A4817
ATEX LED LINE 1010 1000 mm 10 m 9 W 675 lm 1A4818
ATEX LED LINE 1105 1100 mm 5 m 10 W 770 lm 1A4819
ATEX LED LINE 1110 1100 mm 10 m 10 W 770 lm 1A4820
ATEX LED LINE 1205 1200 mm 5 m 11 W 825 lm 1A4821
ATEX LED LINE 1210 1200 mm 10 m 11 W 825 lm 1A4822
ATEX LED LINE 1305 1300 mm 5 m 12 W 899 lm 1A4823
ATEX LED LINE 1310 1300 mm 10 m 12 W 899 lm 1A4824
OPTIONS: Colors: Red | Green | Blue (on request)

Configuration: Luminaires connected in series (on request)

Other options on request




Explosion protection:
Ex II 3G Ex mc IIC T6 Gc
Ex II 3D Ex mc IIIC T85ºC Dc

Certificates: LOM 13 ATEX 4081 X

Application: Industrial

Housing: Aluminum, RAL 9010

LED: 5000h L80B10 | 8000h L55B10 | 13000h L37B10 | 23000h L12B10

Diffuser: Epoxy resin

Ambient temperature: -20ºC to +45ºC

Rated voltage: 24VDC

Ingress protection: IP66/68 IK08

Energy efficiency class: F

Cable entries: Non-replaceable cable. Other configurations on request.



ATEX LED LINE 400 Photometric Data


ATEX LED LINE 800 Photometric Data


ATEX LED LINE 1000 Photometric Data


ATEX LED LINE 1300 Photometric Data



ATEX LED LINE luminary has to be installed by a qualified electrician. Pay special attention to the hose, so that it is not damaged during the installation.


The luminary is supplied with a hose that can be trimmed in case of need; however, it cannot be replaced. The luminary power supply is +24VDC, it is necessary to respect the connection polarity and tension (brown wire terminal +, white wire terminal -).


Take into consideration the EN60079-14 regulations, during the luminary mounting and initial start-up. Before starting the luminary mounting, ensure that the connection is free of tension and there is no presence of possible explosive atmosphere. Affix the luminary by the fastening pins with mounting screw, which is included in the equipment.


In accordance with the regulations of each country, it is necessary to equip the cable with a protective tube or channel, in order to offer a better mechanical protection.



Before starting up the ATEX LED LINE luminary, check if the equipment is suitable to operate in zones with risk of explosion. Also check if the polarity and the luminary power supply tension are correct, furthermore, ensure that the first start-up is done without any possible explosive atmosphere.




Material: Polyester black

Dimension: 110x75x55 mm

Explosion protection:
Ex II 2G Ex e IIC T6 Gb
Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80ºC

2 terminals ZDUB 2.5
2 PE terminals ZPEB 2.5

on bottom side:
1 plastic cable gland M16x1.5 bk for cable 4-9mm
1 taped hole M20x1.5 with earth lug

ATEX LED LINE - Terminal Box



Material: Polyester black

Dimension: 160x160x120 mm

Desing: with hinged door

Explosion protection:
Ex II 3G Ex nAC IIC T4 Gc X
Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80ºC Dc X

fitted with:
1 Ex n power supply MINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/1.5/Ex
2 Ex n fuse terminals (input 1AT, output 3.15 AT)
4 terminals UT 2.5
2 terminals UT 2.5 PE

on bottom side:
1 brass earth plate
1 tapped hole for M16x1.5 cable gland
1 tapped hole for M20x1.5 cable gland

ATEX LED LINE - Power Supply